Before Joseph Frost could even reach the stove, he shared his dream of becoming an impassioned chef with his Grandfather. Frost would embark on a professional journey to fulfill his dream, by becoming one of Main Line’s most talented and innovative chefs. Frost’s fervor for food began at the ripe age of ten when he would assist his Mother and Great-Grandmother in the family kitchen. He developed his natural ability by enthusiastically studying cookbooks and experimenting with different recipes. Frost would realize his dream of becoming a chef by the time he was 18.

Frost began his career in the restaurant business working for Marathon On The Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Through hard work and determination he made his way up in the ranks from kitchen staff to General Manager. It was as a General Manager that Frost would learn how to successfully run a restaurant. The skills he acquired at Marathon would aid Frost on his way to becoming a gifted chef and exceptional kitchen manager.


In 1999 Frost left Marathon to develop his emerging skills as a chef. Frost’s unrelenting enthusiasms for food led him to The Ritz Carlton were he accepted a prominent position as line cook. The promising chef studied under Chef Alberto Vanoli, a true traditionalist, who believed tastes should be simple and standard yet explosive to the palate. Frost adopted the love for traditional flavors and quickly incorporated this belief into his cuisine.

In 2001 Frost was handpicked by Chef Chris Scarduzio to work in the renowned Brasserie Perrier kitchen. Chef Scarduzio instantly recognized the young chef’s culinary passion and helped him develop his talent. Frost a traditionalist at heart learned how to fuse different flavors to complement the design of a dish. To this day, Frost considers Chef Scarduzio his biggest influence.

In 2003 Chef Scarduzio encouraged Frost to accept a position in the thriving Le Mas Perrier kitchen. During his time at Le Mas Perrier he worked alongside the talented kitchen staff to create a menu, which would please customers looking for a range of different cuisines. In 2004 internationally famed Chef Georges Perrier set out to change the concept of his Wayne, Pennsylvania restaurant, Le Mas Perrier. Chef Perrier changed the name of the restaurant to georges’ and immediately named Frost sous chef. Achieving his goal of creating a diverse global fare for the restaurant, Joe Frost was named Executive Chef of georges'. He was also named Bloomingdales catalog Chef of the Year.